Facts of Marijuana can cure cancer

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The fact is not the World Delusion, because only World Elite who has engineered and created all the fantasy in order to get into their brains were minimal science, so the Elite World can always maintain a multi trillion dollar through pharmaceutical industry giants belong to them, in order to remain can control the disease and drugs consumed by every human being wide.

The cannabis plant is very unique because it has the opposite effect. On the one hand, these plants can make food more delicious. But on the other hand

Marijuana Stop the Spread of Cancer Cells

Sale and use of marijuana is prohibited, proved to be an alternative medicine cancer. A compound in marijuana that was discovered by researchers at California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, can be potentially lethal cancer cells. “It took about 20 years for this study, and the results are very encouraging” Ujat Pierre Despres, a researcher at the Huffington Post.

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Desprezm a molecular biologist, spend years to study the spread of cancer genes.

Meanwhile, Sean McAllister studying the effects of Cannabidiol, or CBD, which are chemical compounds in marijuana.

Finally, the couple was trying to combine the two studies they have done. Combining CBD with cancer cells in a petri dish.

“We found Cannabidiol has the nature of ‘deadly’, and this happened in the cancer cells,” he continued. Although it has been successful in laboratory test animals. This study can not be applied to humans. Experts are still waiting for permission for clinical trials in humans.